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Our 10mm NBR mat is ideal for your regular Pilates classes.

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Our 10mm thick NBR foam mat offers excellent cushioning and memory, yet weighs only 1.1kg making it light enough to carry easily.

Each mat is supplied with a velcro strap that keeps the mat rolled up for easy storage and transport.

The mat is constructed from closed cell foam which makes it non-­absorbent and wipe clean. So it won’t soak up sweat and it’s easy to keep fresh, clean and hygienic.

Our NDR foam mat is confirmed free from DOP, AZO dyes, heavy metals and phenol.  These are chemicals that can sometimes be found in cheaper mats. Some are known carcinogens and some can cause allergic reactions. They are not biodegradable making them bad for the our environment.

So our perfect portable Pilates mat is better for you and better for our environment.

Product Details:
Dimensions : 10mm x 1820mm x 580mm
Material : NBR foam.  Free from toxic materials such as DOP,  AZO, heavy metal, Phenol and Phthalate.
Construction : Closed cell foam, non absorbent and wipe clean.

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Dimensions 1820 × 580 × 10 mm

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