About Me

Sharron Kibble Pilates Instructor in Bromsgrove

Sharron’s introduction to Pilates began in 2004. Prior to that she, like most people, had focused her training on cardiovascular and strength work, in particular running and weights classes.

However, an IT band injury showed her the error of her ways and, in an attempt to develop core strength and flexibility, Sharron started attending a Pilates class.

Immediately she felt the benefits, not only of the exercises but of the relaxed, but energised feeling she had at the end of the class; leaving the class feeling light and relaxed made a change from just wanting to crawl in to bed at the end of a tough work out!

Realising the benefits of Pilates, Sharron decided to train as an instructor in 2006 and has been teaching Pilates classes at various venues since then.

In addition to Pilates, Sharron also runs Circuit Training classes in Bromsgrove and continues in her quest to get everyone to add some core strength and flexibility training to their daily routines.

For further information contact Sharron or check the class timetable for classes, dates and venues.