Pilates in Bromsgrove

Are you looking for a Pilates class in Bromsgrove? Yes? Well you’ve found a great place to start. If you’re looking for Sharron’s Pilates classes in Bromsgrove then you’ve found exactly the right place!

Check out the class calendar to find a class that suits you. If you want to do Pilates at home then check out the videos that Sharron records for her clients.

Do you need a mat, block or ball for your home classes? Check out the shop to see what we’ve got for you.

Is Pilates for You?

Life is hectic for most of us most of the time. Whether you spend your day at a desk, driving a car, chasing after the kids or running round a sports field, you can benefit from Pilates. It’s a fitness class that transfers to everyday life, simple exercise to help you get ready for everyday living.

Where Can You Find a Class?

Check out the class calendar to find an in person class in Bromsgrove that suits your schedule. You’ll need to book your class in advance to reserve your place.

Sharron has been busy creating classes online! You’re welcome to try them at home at your convenience.

Visit #StayAtHome Pilates with Sharron to take part, donations for the class are welcome and you can contribute to the class with PayPal.

Sharron doesn’t have a schedule for live classes at the moment but you can view any classes she has already recorded.

I’m Injured Will Pilates Suit Me?

Most of the exercises are flexible and can easily be adapted if you have mobility problems due to wear-and-tear, ill-health or injury.

To find out more contact Sharron or check the class timetable for dates, times and venues.

How will you Benefit?

Pilates is a whole body work out, designed to help you to build a strong, lean, flexible body. With your commitment Pilates will give you a body that will feel good, look good and perform at its best.

Pilates is built upon functional exercises that are designed to make your body perform well in the real world, doing real tasks.

A key aspect of every class is that you make time for yourself; a whole hour where your attention is on you and your body. The exercises will encourage you to relax and focus inwards, so that you leave feeling relaxed and happy with your achievement.

The rest of life will still be outside waiting for you, but you will feel better equipped to deal with it!

Recommended by Professionals.

Many back and joint problems can be improved with exercises designed to improve core strength and flexibility. More and more GPs and physiotherapists are recommending Pilates classes to their patients who suffer with these symptoms, and many of the exercises we use in Pilates are also used by physiotherapy practitioners.

What You Can Expect in a Pilates Class.

You will work hard, but at a level that you are comfortable with. Whilst most of the exercises are done on the floor using a mat, these can be adapted if you need to sit in a chair or stand.

All Pilates exercises are progressive, you start on Level 1 on your first week and gradually build up. As you learn and become stronger and more flexible you can move on to more advanced levels.

Where Can You Find a Class in Bromsgrove

Interested in a Pilates Class in Bromsgrove? To find out more contact Sharron or check the class timetable for dates, times and venues.